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You have decided to test for radon.

Radon At Tahoe offers these products and services:

Radon Consulting Services
On-site and phone consulting are available for your specific project and questions. Find out more.

Safety Siren Pro Series3
Continuous Radon Gas Detector

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Order The Safety Siren Pro Series3 Now

The Pro Series3 meets EPA required performance criteria to accurately and precisely measure radon. Performs continuous radon monitoring. Displays readings to the tenth of a pCl and has warning signals for both short and long term settings.

Features of the Pro Series 3 Radon Detector
Good for the do-it-yourselfer
Greater accuracy (+/- 20%, better than EPA reqs of +/- 25%)
Shows short term results in 2 - 4 days
Shows results over long term for more accurate readings
LED digital display in tenths meets EPA reqs
Good for short term test
Good for long term test showing average over different times, days, seasons
Short term mode (7 day average)
Long term mode (average since last reset)
Can test multiple rooms, different times, different seasons
Moderate cost
No printed copy of results and not tamper-proof
make it less suited for real estate transactions


Protecting Your Home From Radon
- A Step-By-Step Manual For Radon Reduction

Protecting Your Home From Radon - A Step-By-Step Manual For Radon Reduction is a "do-it yourself" book found to be popular for homeowners and radon professionals alike. This detailed manual describes the most common methods for reliably reducing radon in a home. Written in a non-technical format, the book includes step-by-step instructions and illustrations to guide homeowners through the radon mitigation process.

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Order Protecting Your Home From Radon Now


Customer Comments:
2/9/10 - Jeff,
Many thanks to you for putting this book together as it helped me tremendously in reducing the radon in my home. Using your techniques described in the book, I was able to reduce the radon readings in my basement from a range of 18-25 picocuries to .9 to 1.3! I did it all myself. It would have not been possible without your book.
Best Regards,

3/18/10 - Jeff,
The book I bought from you, Protecting Your Home From Radon , is worth every penny I paid for it.  Between the book and your website, somebody who understands basic construction methods and has experience with tools,  should be able to design and install a safe and effective system.   And the book appropriately instills a bit of fear and apprehension in the minds of people who really aren't skilled enough to tackle this kind of a technical challenge.

I've been a professional journalist and editor for more than 40 years.  If, after I finish my radon mitigation project, I see some ways the book can be improved for future editions, I'll send my suggested edits to you.

Charcoal Test Kit

  • Order on-line from Radon.com
  • Similar kits are available at local hardware stores
  • California residents can order a test kit through the California DPH Radon Program. Order yours now

    (Radon At Tahoe does not endorse the above supplers
    but provides them for your convenience.)

Features of the Radon Test Kit
Good for the do-it-yourselfer
Low cost ($5 to $15)
Accurate lab certified results (+/- 25%)
Results will be unreliable if the test is not conducted properly
Only tests one 2 day period (follow directions on test kit)
Can only be used once
Requires multiple kits to show progress when fixing the problem
Cannot show different rooms, different times, different seasons
Test results may take 2 - 3 weeks
Not recommended for real estate transactions

To use a professional radon tester
see the Connections page

Features of hiring a professional radon tester
Recommended for real estate transactions
High accuracy
Correct testing proceedures
Printed reports available
They do all the work

High cost ($100 - $500)
One time test in one room
Requires multiple tests to show progress
Some are certified by state and federal standards, some are not

In California, all radon service providers (including testers, home inspectors and mitigators) must be certified by the
California DHS Radon Office or face fines of $1000.

Check credentials and be aware of scams from
anyone doing work on your house,
including radon testing or mitigation